Friday, November 16, 2018

New World Background Generator

Ruins in the Jungle # 002 by Julian Calle

Okay, so I have been working on my own background table for this New World setting. I know I very well could have used any Failed Career, Background or Race table that is out there, especially with Skerple's GROG pretty much accomplishing some of the same things, BUT I felt the extreme need to do this and make it my own. So, what I have done here is combined a Race Table and a Background table for my purposes. You'll note that 5 of the categories are Human, this is because the Old World is primarily human in make up with its more fantastical elements reduced to folkways and the occasional curio. The Other section is for weird creatures that have walked out of the jungles and swamps of the New World. Players might expand some of these as they unlock, discover, and inspire new elements.

This will probably look terrible on mobile, so you can check out the original spreadsheet here.

First, roll to find your Origin. 

1 Old World
2 Colonist
3 Colony-Born
4 Native
5 Pirate
6 Other

Next you roll your individual backgrounds.
Old Worlders tend to be various social elites from across the ocean who are now stranded in the New World. Expect them to be stuffy, aristocratic, and completely unfit for life in the Colonies.

BackgroundAdvantageDisadvantageRerollStarting ItemStarting Weapon
1Noxious NobleAvoid Social Consequences 1/Day "Do you know who I am?"Severely Inbred, Constant snuffling. -2 to DEX for StealthSTRBox of SnuffFancy Cane (M)
2Chastened Chef2 Bonus to all Cooking ChecksWill only eat cooked foodsDEXBag of SaltButcher's Knife (L)
3Lacklustre LieutenantImpressive Mustache (or False Mustache ), +2 on all Reaction RollsSave vs. Loud NoisesCONLaudanum Calvary Sword (M)
4Sullied Scientist1-in-6 Chance of knowing applicable detail in any topicSave vs. Bright LightINTRejected Publication Human Skull (useless, I)
5Prying Presbyter1-in-6 chance to have relevant gossip on a character.10% of all loot must be paid as tithesWISVestmentsBattered Holy Book (Useless ,I)
6Fallen FopCan shout and sing incredibly wellAlways Suprised CHAPowdered WigBroken Hand Mirror (L,I)

Colonists are first generation folks from the Old World who have come to the New. Some came to make a new life for themselves and some were forced here by Old World authorities.

BackgroundAdvantageDisadvantageRerollStarting ItemStarting Weapon
1Debased DebtorCannot be slowed by any effect-2 Movement and Stealth STRShackles (on ankles)Mining Pick (H)
2Squalid SailorCan forcast weather within 24 hours with 4-in-6 AccuracyTerrible Rep. Hirelings cost doubleDEXFishing NetHarpoon (M)
3Foundering FarmerConsumes Half RationsCursed, -2 SavesCON3 Rations, wilted vegetables Hoe (Medium, I)
4Miserly MerchantAlways knows the approximate value of mundane itemsMust Save or pick up shiny objectsINTScaleGaudy Dagger (L)
5Ecclesiastical ExileShielded by Faith, +1 DefHeretical ideas, -2 on reaction rolls in civilizationWISRosaryCrosier (H, I)
6Crass CriminalHappen to have 1 item worth less than 1 sp once per sessionCannot tell the straight truthCHALoaded DiceBrass Knuckles (L)

Colony-Born folks are second generation and beyond Colonists who have a little touch of the New World in them. They, for the most part, have figured out how to live in this weird new land.

BackgroundAdvantageDisadvantageRerollStarting ItemStarting Weapon
1Contrite CoppicerTreat Forest as Road, as long as you have a cutting implementEnmity of forest animalsSTRBundle of WoodBillhook (Light)
2Eccentric EsquireStarts with a 10 Morale Manservant, can replace for half-costFatigues at Double RateDEXTricorne HatRapier (M)
3Braggart BrewerCannot be sickened/poisoned/diseased by things drunkSave vs. DaresCONPewter stein Mash Paddle (M, I)
4Appalling ApothecaryIdentify poisons and medicines by tastePervasive, unique stinkINTMortar and pestleOversized Pestle (H, I)
5Churlish ChevalSpeak with Mineral Soul of anything 1/Day-4 to save vs. possession/diseaseWISBottle of RumGuitar (Useless, I)
6Urbane UrchinCan crawl through narrow spacesSave vs. Authority CHAOversized coatRusty shank (L, I)

Natives are folks for whom the New World has long been their only world. They know that the colonists are soft and too caught up in their urban ideologies and laws to ever really adapt to this ever changing place.

BackgroundAdvantageDisadvantageRerollStarting ItemStarting Weapon
1Brooding BraveFearlessSave to Back Down (combat, puzzles, arguements)STRWarpaint, 1 useHandaxe (M)
2Grimy GathererHalf time taken to forageEternally dirty, leaves an obvious trail of dirtyDEX3 Ration, Assorted bush tuckerCrude Knife (L)
3Boorish BoatmakerExtremely buyoant Vulnerable to fireCON50' Hemp RopeAdze (M)
4Intrepid Interpreter50% of speaking any encountered language25% of Grossly Misinterpreting new languagesINT2d6 Copper PiecesClub (L)
5Boisterous Bokor4 bonus to save vs. possession/diseaseEnmity of SpiritsWIS3' rope of TobaccoCeremonial Rattle/Asson (Light, I)
6Haughty HunterAlways receives an Omen for Mundane Wandering MonstersNever receives an Omen for Supernatural Wandering MonstersCHAField Dressing KnifeBow w/ 10 Arrows

Pirates are a motley bunch of Old World and New World individuals who have decided to make the most of their situation by living through the Three P's: pillaging, plundering, and pirating.

BackgroundAdvantageDisadvantageRerollStarting ItemStarting Weapon
1Buffoonish BuccaneerCannot be SurprisedWhen afraid, Save or attack enemy STR3 CoconutsLinstock (H)-
2Coarse CorsairVicious Taunting skills, Enemies have -2 on Morale ChecksSave Vs. Fear at Half HPDEXWhite FlagCutlass (M)
3Mutant MutineerRoll 4 Times on Biological Mutant Table, Choose 2-4 to resist being mutated or transformed CONSmall barrel of black powderBoarding Axe (M)
4Prim PrivateerWhen Dueling, +1 DamageCannot turn down a duelINTLetter of marque (expired)Smallsword (L)
5Pitiless PirateKnows the location of a Significant TreasureHas only 1 hand, 1 eye, 1 legWISSpyglass, Eye patch, Wooden LegHook hand (L)
6Reprehensible RapscallionUncanny Luck, +2 to all SavesPermanently Drunk, -2 Initiative CHABroken CompassBroken Rum Bottle (L, I)

Other covers....weirder things. People who walked out into the New World and came back changed. Things that stepped out of the jungle one day to barter for sea shells. Beings that are almost human, but not quite close enough.

BackgroundAdvantageDisadvantageRerollStarting ItemStarting Weapon
1Long FolkCan Wield Heavy Weapons one handedCan only speak in their own tongueSTRTinderboxLongaxe (H)
2Masked OneCan change your face once per dayCan only express one emotion a dayDEXFluteChisel (L,I)
3Demi-TrollCan regrow a body part onceConsume twice as many rationsCONNecklace of earsClaw Hammer (L)
4Loa-touchedRoll 4 Times on Supernatural Mutant Table, Choose 2Haunted, No Fast InventoryINTBlack RoosterMachete (M)
5Blemmyes Bite (as dagger) Can't wear armor on chestWISLoincloth Spear (M)
6TherianthropeRoll on Skerples Race tableHideous BrandSharp Bloody Rock (L)

The Shore by Sebastian Leon-Silva

Finally you would choose from the available classes. Again, as Michael Bacon has inspired me to do, I believe there will be a few base classes then anything else will be unlocked. Fighter, Thief, and Garden Wizard are the current contenders for the base 3 and maybe Royal Aspirant or Root Doctor for the 1 additional more flavorful class.

Edit: After some discussions, I am thinking that there will be a few base classes and 1 flavorful class available per background grouping starting off with more made available through unlocks.