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Strange Diseases Picked Up While Adventuring

[ASIDE] NOTE: Uhhhh....this one sat on the backburner a long while (My draft data says like 5 months)  and I'm trying to clear up posts that were nearly complete pre-Kickstarter and just needed editing and finalizing. I know it might not be time for this post? But I'm just going to leave it here and hope someone gets some use out of it. [/ASIDE]

Adventurers get really weird diseases. It is part of the package. They delve into unexplored regions of the earth, tromp through the deepest, darkest jungles, and travel between alternate realities. They stick their hands, feet, and other bits in places they absolutely don't belong. If it is even remotely edible, an Adventurer will eat it and sometimes even when it is, by all logic, inedible. These are some of the weird illnesses that adventurers might come across. I created each with a class in mind, but there is no reason why there cannot be cross contamination! 

Sludge Blood: In an attempt at subjecting "barbarian" tribes, the Magocracy introduced this disease into their ranks. It resulted in a series of tribal reforms, an up-welling of education, a keen interested in meditative marital arts and the eventual destruction of the Magocracy at the hands of a vast eerily calm army. 

This disease thickens and slows the blood in response to intense emotions. In the throes of battle it can be somewhat beneficial as the infected form scabs so quickly that bleeding out is near impossible. However the infected are also much more prone to fatigue, gaining it at a doubled rate and becoming fatigued after 3 rounds of heavy exertion. Any spells that would affect emotional states are halved in effectiveness as the blood is less able to move the hormonal responses around the body. Truly intense emotions such as a Barbarian's Rage overtax the infected's heart and they must Save vs. Death each round while under its effects or have a heart attack.

Note Leeches: Bards, goliards, and the like get some of the weirdest diseases imaginable. In a fantasy world where giants and dragons and cthulhu are roaming about, being someone with a willingness to bed nearly anything is an extreme sport. This is why Note Leeches are a thing. Don't ask what lute-strumming maniac bedded what creature originally to cause Note Leeches to spread, but it is an STD so that must have been how it happened. The Note Leech starts its life as a bundle of cocooned eggs looking not dissimilar to tonsil stones. When passed between two beings, the cocoons hatch and release the young Note Leeches. These Leeches sustain themselves on sound, specifically the sound of their host's voice. In the early stages, this will mildly reduce the volume of the host's voice and may cause occasional cracking of their voice. However as the leeches mature (eventually leading to the survival of only one Leech) they become specialized in the consumption of one note. Thus there are seven varieties of known Note Leech: Do, Ri, Mi, Fa, So, La and Ti. While bad enough, these leeches are fully asexual and thus an adult leech can spawn additional leeches in a short period of time. For every adult leech, the infected host has a 1-in-6 chance of being incapable of an action that relies on speech (such as diplomacy, some forms of magic, etc). 6 leeches renders the host complete mute and the 7th leech is enough to fully asphyxiate the host. 

Once a host has died, the seven adult leeches would presumably starve, but they have another terrible trick up their metaphoric sleeve. Working in concert, the adult leeches undergo a metamorphosis, using their host's corpse as a cocoon of sorts. The creature that eventually emerges is a Solfeggian.

HD 7
Appearance: As a somewhat bloated and disheveled bard, until it opens it mouth to reveal seven massive flailing leech-tongues.
Wants: Noise
Armor: As Chain
Move: Normal, Spider Climb, Swim
Morale: 10
Damage: See Below
Mimicry- The Solfeggian is a perfect mimic of sounds, anything it hears it can reproduce again.
Silent Feeding- When the Solfeggian feeds, it creates sphere of silence around itself. This is not, strictly speaking, magical Silence, rather it is all sound being consumed by the Solfeggian. While still, the Solfeggian's sphere of silence expands at a rate 30' a round up to a mile. While mobile, the Solfeggian can only keep up a 10' radius of silence.
Cacophonous Vomit- If the Solfeggian has fed for a round, they are able to regurgitate that noise as a concussive sound blast. For every round fed, the sound blast may increase its damage by 1d6 or its range by 10'. Baseline is 1d6 damage and a 10' cone.

God Head aka Inflammation of the Third Eye: Those who commune with the divine do so via a link through their pineal gland, the so-called third eye. This gland is able to filter the information received from Divine Light and translate it into miracles. Furthermore it is able to translate prayers into Divine Light and literally beam it to the heavens. Sometimes, however, this small gland can cause major issues. When inflamed by injury, sickness, or curse, the Third Eye starts to malfunction. It continues to receive the Divine Light of the gods, but its ability to translate and emit that light is no longer reliable. 

As the gland continues to receive Divine Light, it swells the patient's head and begins to leak. Minor miracles pop up randomly with early stages causing halos, stigmata, and tears of glass. During this stage there is a 50% chance of any divine spell cast to be randomly replaced any any other divine spell. Later stages causing random mass multiplications of fish and bread, nearby bodies of water turning to wine, and sudden plagues. Divine spells cast are completely randomized and doubled in potency. At the final stage, the infected Pineal gland explodes, firing a concentrated beam of divine light skywards. This beam can be seen from hundreds of miles as a great golden light, bringing tears and strange miracles to all who witness it. 

1d20 Weird Miracles
  1. It starts to rain manna, but in really big heavy chunks that fall like hailstones.
  2. Living things in the affected area eventually give birth to offspring that resemble angels. The weird ones.
  3. Every book and written word within miles of the area turns into a random, unrelated snippet from the Akashic Records.
  4. People witnessing the beam turn into pillars of salt
  5. Statues weep blood that heals people if ingested.
  6. Everyone feeling a vague yet inescapable feeling of religious guilt.
  7. Animals buddy up unnaturally, lions and lambs, wolves and rabbits etc. 
  8. 1d6 peasants from the surrounding countryside have prophetic dreams and gain messianic followings.
  9. Works of art that have been previously defaced during iconoclastic crises spontaneously regenerate all of their features, except now they look angry.
  10. All water for a Hex-sized area (including the inside of living things) turns into wine.
  11. A religious thought-plague begins to spread among groups of nearby people causing them to aggressively virtue signal at one another and perform escalating "holier than thou" displays of piety until it devolves into open brawling.
  12. Affected people start compulsively reciting pieces of scripture they may or may not have ever read before, but only the really out-of-place and awkward parts like that Biblical thing about donkey emissions.
  13. The fist of an annoyed, sleepy god comes down through the clouds and smacks the origin of the beam of light while a thunderous voice mutters something about "just five more centuries..."
  14. A localized Apocalypse occurs: small scale war between angels and demons, plagues, etc. 
  15. All demons, curses, and diseases (for they are the same thing) within the area are banished/cured.
  16. Everything dead in the region comes back to life (50/50 True Life or Zombie Plague)
  17. Tulpas incarnate across the region based on the local noosphere. 
  18. It rains 1d6: 1 Fire 2. Fish 3. Frog 4. Undifferentiated Meat 5. Blood 6. Rocks
  19. A spring of healing water bursts forth from the ground.
  20. Roll Twice, if 20 is rolled again a massive angel shows up carrying a very small scroll which he tries to get someone to eat. It tastes like honey but it kinda makes your stomach sour. Something something seven thunders and there "WILL BE NO DELAY" 
After the Divine Light finally dies out, the previously infected individual saves vs. Death. On failure they crumble to ash. On success, they "survive" with a huge trepanned hole in their head. They are now, for all intents and purposes, a divinely powered lich. Every day they must Save vs. Death again or experience sudden Rapture.  

Mega Rabies: A disease cooked up by the Druids, Mega Rabies was originally used as a method of druidic ascension before a more virulent strain was developed and it became a weapon. Like regular rabies, Mega Rabies is transferred via the bite or exposure to the saliva of something already infected. Victims experience hyper aggression, hydrophobia, regression of higher thinking, loss of symbolic thought, extreme hunger, and random transformations into dire forms of predator species. It is a little known fact that many supposed cases of lycanthropy are in fact rampant Mega Rabies. Mega Rabies in animals causes similar symptoms and a rapid swelling into dire forms. All Archdruids have Mega Rabies.

Hate Fugue- Adventurers are fueled by a plethora of whims and goals with gold and fame being the two most popular. There are some, however, that are fueled by racism *COUGH* RANGERS *COUGH*. These horrid sods are so one-mindedly obsessed with their hated targets that they dedicate large swaths of their mental power to knowing every possible detail of their foe. This much hate combined with this much knowledge sometimes fuse into a neurological disorder called The Hate Fugue. While in this fugue, the victim will perceive everything around them as reflection of their "favored enemy." Any sort of bonuses that apply to damaging or otherwise harming their hated enemy applies to any target. They are also unable to tell friend from foe and must save every round not to immediately attack any other living (or unliving) creature. Pretty much the only way (barring magic) to cure the Hate Fugue is to find a way for them to come to terms with their hate (and lose any hate related abilities.) A creature who dies while in the throes of the Hate Fugue rise as a Revenent the following New Moon to continue their vile work. 

Sticky Fingers- This one is a fungal infection (oh joy) that you can get from sticking your hands places where they don't belong. The initial symptom of Sticky Fingers is excessively sweaty and clammy hands. Over the course of a few days, the sweat becomes increasingly sticky. At first this might actually appear to be a boon! The stickier grip gives advantage (or equivalent) on resisting disarming, on climbing, or pickpocketing and essentially anything where a sticky grip might come in handy. After a week, however, it becomes an increasing issue. The infected individual must make a strength check to remove anything from their grip (and hopefully didn't use their other sticky hand to release the grip.) At this point the stickiness spreads, slowly making their entire body sticky. Their speed halves as the the oozing glue spreads from their feet, overflowing out of boots. It becomes necessary to cut them out of clothing and armor is only removable with outside help and taking 1d6 damage from it tearing off of your skin. After two weeks, your sweat is now equivalent to Sovereign Glue and it is impossible to detatch from anything without application of the Universal Solvent. At this point, unless constantly scrapped and bathed, the victim will slowly become a sticky white statue either dying of hunger, thirst, or asphyxiation. 1d6 days after the victim perishes, the Sticky Fingers glue/fungus flakes away into myriad spores and leaves a dehydrated mummy corpse behind. Early stages of this disease can be treated with constant bathing with soap and water, requiring at least a bath a day and a scrub after any sweat-inducing activity. Later stages can only be cured with exotic anti-fungal medicines or potent magic. 

Hyperrealism- The source of a Sorcerer's power is that they are MORE REAL than everything else around them. Well mostly everything else. This might come from a fluke in dimensions, heavy exposure to magic (the realest thing) in the womb, or having the blood of something extremely magic flowing in their veins (dragons, fairies, etc). Sorcerers have a tendency to be megalomaniacs who eventually explode. Hyperreal Sorcerers are megalomaniacs who eventually go thermonuclear.  Hyperrealism is usually caught via extended stays on other planes, exposure to sufficiently higher-dimensional beings (Cthulhu), long term exposure pure Octarine light or ingestion of Occultum. 

The first symptom of Hyperrealism is an increasing narcissism and megalomania, both of which are unlikely to be noticed in Sorcerers. A week later this is followed by a stabilization of their power as they cast with 1 less Instability die (or gain an additional use of some blood related power etc.). This, of course, swells the Sorcerer's megalomania. The sorcerer must save each day after this time. Each failed save decreases the number of ID they gain in a day by 1. At 2 less ID, the Sorcerer is swathed in a corona of magic making stealth impossible. At 3 less, the Sorcerer is incapable of taking mundane actions and depends upon their magic for everything more complex than breathing. At 4 less, the Sorcerer treats everything as an Illusion and may roll to Disbelieve in something (it and the sorcerer are unable to see or affect one another.) At 5 less, the sorcerer's soul collapses into a magical singularity before exploding with the force of a nuclear weapon. The immediate 1 mile radius is completely destroyed baring extreme magical protection. Anything within 2 miles takes 10d6 fire damage, is blinded, gains Wizard Vision, and 2d6 Supernatural Mutations. Everything born in the region for generations will have a biological mutation and a supernatural mutation. The sorcerer themselves is catapulted upwards into the 11th Dimension and becomes something resembling Yog-Sothoth.

Contract Sickness- A sickness mostly felt by Summoners, Warlocks, and others who made deals with supernatural entities. When a supernatural contract is made, a link is established between the Patron and the Contractee. This link is primarily a spiritual one, but can manifest as physical signs. In witches, for example, we sometimes see this manifest as strange blemishes or extra nipples. These manifestations are caused by bits of the Patron's power overwriting bits of the contractee's soul, and thereby affecting their body. The manifestations of Contract Sickness are unique to each contract, but here is a sample of how it might go:

Buer Contract Sickness: The first sign of Buer Contract Sickness is the adoption of a very circular and annoying speech pattern. Eventually the contractee will experience strange hair growth patterns around their head and neck resembling a lion's mane. Soon they've find their torso and arms slowly withering and shrinking while fleshy nodules grow from their scalp. When complete, the Contractee will be a a BUER MINION

Only by completing completely selfless acts can one hope to stave off this fate.

Weird Wizard Diseases- These following are two of the most common ailments of wizards and why wizard school is so expensive. You see, it costs a lot to keep someone on staff who is an accomplished gem-cutter, professional troubleshooter, and dentist. As discussed elsewhere, Wizards tend to go a little weird from all that magic they keep caged in their head. Luckily, Teeth are quite effective at grounding some of that random magic and is why Wizards only horrifically mutate sometimes. You'll notice that many of the most magical creatures often have a pretty significant number of teeth (Dragons and Beholders stand out.) Unfortunate things happen when the balance of Teeth to Magic is thrown out of wack.

Hyperdontia is the presence of far more than the standard 32 or so teeth. The sudden influx of additional teeth are not only quite painful, but reinforce that grounding of magic by a significant degree. Wizards experiencing Hyperdontia do not suffer Mishaps, but MD never return to their pool naturally. To have their magic return to them for the next day they need to not only get their rest as normal, but they must pull and swallow one of their magically infused teeth (dealing 1 damage per MD.) If Hyperdontia is not dealt with, the teeth will eventually absorb too much magic and start animating. This agonizing process brings back the chance for Mishaps and adds a Tooth Die that is rolled and counts towards Mishaps and Dooms. Every time a Mishaps occurs, the effects happen as normal AND one of the teeth grow tiny limbs and leap from the Wizard's mouth. This tooth is infused with one spell the Wizard knows and 1 MD. It will use this spell to cause havoc, casting the spell until its MD does not return and it shatters. Should the wizard die with spells loaded in their head OR their final Doom should occur, ALL of their teeth flee the Wizard's head in a similar manner. The best cure for Hyperdontia is extraction by a specialist followed up by cauterization and a low calcium diet. Regeneration magic can potentially cause the Hyperdontia to return.

Hypodontia is the reverse problem, it is having too few teeth. By not having enough grounding for their magic, the Wizard experiences strange and dangerous surges of magic. All MD cast by a Hypodontic Wizard have +1 added to each die to a max of 6, increasing the spell's power but reducing the likelihood of the magic returning and slightly increasing the chances of Mishaps and Dooms. When a Mishaps occurs, the Wizard takes the mishap AND suffers the Random Mutation Mishap. A wizard with no teeth whatsoever has +2 to every MD roll AND faces a potential random mutation with each spell cast. This is why especially old wizards tend to be especially weird. This is also why Liches often replace their worn out teeth with gems. The best way to deal with Hypodontia is to get dentures fashioned from the teeth of other wizards or rare gems. 

Spell Sickness can happen to anyone who interacts with spells. This highly varied disease stems from inviting a sick spell into one's head. Spells are, after all, living things after a manner and are thus equally capable of falling ill as we are. After interacting with an infected scrolls, victims find that they cannot actually cast the spell and may think it a dud. Symptoms will be begin manifesting within 24 hours. These symptoms usually manifest as cantrip-level affects related to the spell that gradually worsen if not treated. 

Examples: Fireball Sickness- Low grade fever worsening over time, flaming sneezes, boiling hot sweat, aggressive temperament, literally exploding. 

Grease Sickness: Sweaty slick palms, increasing klutziness, explosive diarrhea, constant bacon smell, extreme over production of sebum.

Mage Hand Sickness: Random minor poltergeist activity, hand seizes up, hand gains a mind of its own, hand detaches itself and attempts to escape. This is actually how crawling crawls happen. 

Whimsical Deep Sea Encounter Table for Mister Kent

When you don't want the deep sea encounters to all be shoggoths and Cthulhu. if you want to ramp up the whimsey, affix -maid to the end of some of these and get the ugliest spawns of Neptune you'll every have the misfortune to see.

1 Marine Snow- Not the most exciting of encounters as the sea is rife with it. Marine Snow is the particulate detritus of the upper zones, everything that the Pelagic zone lost or doesn't want. This particular area is especially thick with it reducing vision to nearly nothing. Beware of using any necromatic energies here lest the detritus of a million million living and dead creatures form into a Rot Elemental.

2 Osedax- A strange worm found primarily among whale falls, also known as the Zombie Worm. These creatures burrow into bone to ingest the nutrition rich marrow within. Sea Witches have bred a form of Osedax that seeks living prey instead, burrowing into them and taking control of their skeletons. It is not unknown for so-called Ghost Pirate ships to be crewed by Osedax controlled skeletons looking for fresh marrow.

3 Hagfish- An ancient ungodly jawless eel-adjacent fish that is known primarily for its ability to tie itself in knots and create copious amounts of slime. A single standard Hagfish can produce around 5 gallons of slime at a moment's notice. This sticky substance clogs gills, impedes movement, and causes general confusion and panic. Hagfish slime is also an excellent egg substitute and it is not uncommon for them to be kept for culinary purposes by various undersea races. There is a 25% of any Hagfish encountered is actually a larval Aboleth whose slime in small doses is a psychedelic drug with prophetic properties and in larger doses causes the horrid flesh diseases of their adult forms.

4 WHALE FALL- Oh most glorious of feasts! A ocean giant has been felled and fallen to the depths. This temporary ecosystem attracts many scores of creatures from the myriad starfish scavengers to hagfish and sharks, various strange worms and weird mollusks. Anything that could conceivably be under the sea might show up here for the feast. It is not unknown for Whale Falls to rise as Bakekujira on the full moon following their complete decomposition.

5 Tongue-Eating Louse- A parasite known for eating and replacing the tongue of various fish, the Tongue-Eating Louse ordinarily isn't an issue for humanoids. Then Wizards happened.

Zood- A water bear the size of a tank. Normally preferring life on surface mudflats, some Zood scavenge across the abyssal plains. Where there are Zood, there are explosive deposits of methane.

7 Fairy Salp Circle- Salps are jelly-like colonial organisms that form long chains in the ocean. Each individual creature within the organism specialize acting to assist the collective in feeding, propulsion, defense, etc. A Fairy Salp Circle is the aquatic equivalent to the toadstool ring in the forest, the Fae commandeer a natural circle and turn it into a portal to their realm.

8 Praya dubia or Giant Siphonophore- Similar to Salps, these massively long creatures are formed of many specialized organisms. Unlike the Salp, which is content to passively ingest plankton, the Giant Siphonophore seeks fertile waters and drops long tendrils to paralyze and catch their prey. It produces a bright blue bioluminescent light to attract its prey, primarily made up of other gelatinous organisms, crabs, and small fish. This one happens to also have achieved a boltzmann brain state and is considered the sea's greatest philosopher.

9 Koromodako- An octopus that is mere centimeters in size, the Koromodako usually survives on hunting singular zooplankton which can sustain it for long periods. However when a Koromodako is threatened in any way, it can expand to massive Kraken-like sizes for sort periods of time, sucking everything in the vicinity into its all encompassing maw. Afterwards it compresses back to its formally tiny size. Wizards theorize that Koromodako are actually a relative of the Bag of Devouring and have been able to create rather small Bags of Holding from their harvest corpses.

10 Giant Octopus- Not actually interested in eating you, this giant octopus has recently fed and is more curious than predatory. Its skin pulses the deep crimson of excitement as it wraps this tentacles around the party, tasting and feeling them with their suckers. It desperately wants to be friends with anything that isn't immediately delicious or finds it delicious, but it isn't particularly equipped to communicate that.

11 Gargantuan Isopod- Like seriously giant, not those bulldog sized pillbugs, more like the size of a city block. Still primarily bottom feeders, the massive specimens are often dominated or tamed and turned into undersea tenements, fortresses, or siege engines.

12 Male Angler Fish- These little guys are the size of your thumb and desperately wants to mate with your light source. If they successfully attach to your light source, it will over the course of 24 transform hours into a large Female Angler Fish with a lamp of equal strength to the original light source. Unless impeded in some way, it will then swim off to do whatever it is Anglers do in their spare time.

13 Lobster- There is, as far as we know, no upper limit to the size of a Lobster. When a lobster is encountered roll a d4 that explodes on 4. For every 4 rolled increase the size category of the lobster. A base lobster is about the size of a small cat.

14 Umibōzu- The legendary Sea Monks, truly gargantuan creatures that sailors ordinarily only witness an ink black head and glaring white eyes of. This far down, however, you are encountering its shins, which are more or less two slow moving black pillars about the width of your average wizard's tower. It likely wont notice any attack smaller than ballista bolt, but its got is own ecosystem of interesting parasites, corals, and detritus feeders.

15. Bakunawa- Might be related to Jormungandr, the Bakunawa is a horn-nosed sea serpent of astonishing size. You see, there was once 7 moons in the sky each of increasing beauty. The Bakunawa was incredibly jealous and swallowed them one by one until there was only the one left. Luckily for the tides and young lovers, Bakunawa is incredibly scared by loud sounds. Once it took many villages worth of noise to keep it under the sea, but the modern age makes so much sound naturally that Bakunawa hasn't surfaced in a generation.

16. Loop of Jormungandr- Its too big, it wraps around the world and might very well be an incarnation of the very currents of the world. You are unlikely to ever meet Jormungandr, but you might meet a piece of it. Its a wall of serpentine flesh the size of a continental shelf and the color of your thumbs pressed against your closed eyelids. It slivers between the mundane and the divine realms, you blink and its gone!

17. Herd of Capricorn- These capricious sea-goats roam the seas in wild herds, eating anything that can't put up some sort of defense. Sometimes a domesticated herd is tended to by one of the intelligent sea races, mainly for their milk and rarely for their meat. Sea-Goats are, according to legend, all ultimately destined to be eaten by The Leviathan.

18. Lesser Sea Monks- Man-sized creatures similar to the Umibozu, these inky nondescript creatures often follow in the wake of an Umibozu whom they consider somewhere between an abbot and a mobile temple. Their interests lie entirely within the contemplation of the Flow, an understanding of the universe based upon the currents of the sea.

19. The Hot Tub of Depair!- A thirty foot wide super-saline lake sitting on the seafloor, the pickled corpses of crabs and starfish surrounding its perimeter. This water is so dense that it is unable to mix with the rest of the water around it, creating its own weird waves in the wind-like currents around it. Hundreds of mussels cluster around its edge, filtering nutrients from the super heated chemical stew. The truth is, the opposite side of this lake is a the Doppelsea of the Doppelworld where doppelgangers live their doppelives. Doppelgangers in our world are criminals thrown or escaped through this lake.

20. 100d100 Jellyfish- Just so fucken many jellyfish, so many! Use the generator below to make them jellies!

Jellyfish Generator

# of Tentacles
Bell Shape
Venom Potency
Non-Lethal Sting
Welts (pee on it)
Mane(multiply # of tentacles by 100)
2 on the Schmidt
Flower4 on the Schmidt
Wide and ShallowFull body Scars
Wide and DeepParalytic
Narrow and ShallowAnaphylaxis trigger
Narrow and DeepWEIRD
Minuscule, the size of a thumbnailInstant Heart Attack

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A bunch of Lankhmar Generators for a Spicy Green Burger

5d20 Lankhmar NPC Generator
A Devourer
 Cheap Beer
A Simorgyan
 Cheap Perfume
A spy
Death Cart pusher
An Agent
 Costly Perfume
Bastard of the Overlord
Black Wizard
Foreign Merchant
 Fresh Bread
Completely Insane
Grain Merchant
Disguised Ghoul
Guild Sorcerer
Escaped Slave
From Another World Bubble
Grave Robber
Owes Ningauble a story
Slumming Noble 
 Pine Needles
Token Innocent
 Rotten Eggs
Votishal Thief
Wanted by Thieves' Guild
 Wood ashes
Expensive Brandy
White Wizard

5d20 Lankhmar Street Generator

Typical Traffic
See Below
See Below
See Below
See Below
See Below
 Dripping Man
 Crushed Stone
See Below
 Gong Farmers
See Below
 Marble Slabs
See Below
See Below
See Below
See Below
See Below
See Below
 Rag-and-Bone Men
See Below
Compacted Ash
See Below
See Below
See Below
See Below
Sandstone blocks
See Below
See Below

Street Lore/Urban Legends/Hooks
1. The Death Cart always enters this street full and leaves empty. 
2. A monthly festival is held on this street, filled with music, wine, feasting, missing memories and missing persons. 
3.The silversmith that lives on this street claims to have traveled to the Life Pole and his silver trinkets are decorated with scenes he witnessed there. 
4. Directly below this street is the court of the Rat King, master of the Rats of Lankhmar.
5. A displaced snow witch plies her trade on this street, offering various curses in exchange for ice and coin. 
6. A long forgotten bolt hole is hidden on this street, once used by Guild Thieves to stash loot. It leads into an abandoned portion of the Guild Catacombs. 
7. This street leads to different places depending on the phase of the moon. 
8. A fountain sits at the center of this road, decorated with grinning skeletons dancing with beautiful maids. A coin dropped in supposedly attracts the attention of Chance or the Lords of Necessity, for better or for worse. 
9. Spiders weave prophecy into their webs on this street if you know how to read the webs.
10. A small shrine to Issek of the Jug somehow survived the onslaught of the Gods of Lankmar resides in a secret niche on this street. 
11. The ghost of a former Overlord haunts this street, seeking the descendants of the woman who killed him.
12.A woman in strange dress speaking an unknown tongue showed up here recently, carrying weird and wonderful objects with her. ( A lighter, a laptop computer, a wallet, a taser, etc)
13. A rag-and-bone man found a nugget of gold wedged into the cobbles of this street, it is now half excavated by hopeful miners. 
14. Anyone who walks down this street under a new moon experiences horrific visions of teeth in their sleep.
15. A gang of street urchins have been plaguing this street, the thieves' guild wants to bring them into the fold or kill them. They've surprisingly been holding their own against these threats. 
16. A hooded man sits on the corner of this street seemingly begging. When approached he offers coins for stories, the more fabulous and true the better paying.
17. There is a colorful street festival here every day of the year, celebrating the most obscure possible holidays. While the smiles and cheers of the participants seem genuine, their eyes are haunted.
18. The Gods of Lanhmar will come for anyone who speaks louder than a whisper on this street. 
19. At noon every day, 8 birds of different species land on the tallest roof and squawk loudly for about ten minutes before flying in away in the 8 directions.
20. An old pirate claiming to be a Rime Islander sits on a stoop on this street, telling his tales of adventure and treasure to any who will stop. Apparently there are sunken treasures out there that only he has survived to know of. 

Bazaar of the Bizarre Treasure Generator
1. Preserved Snow-Clan Witch's Snowball
2. Necklace of Ice Gnome Ears
3. Hamadryad Seed
4. Newhon Ghoul Hair wig
5. Polar Tiger Skin robe
6. Bottled Shimmer-Spright (Sun)
7. Bottled Shimmer-Spright (Moon)
8. Snow Serpent Fur Boots
9. White Spider Gossamer wedding veil 
10. Brick of refined Great Salt Marsh salt
11. Jellied Poison Eels
12. Marsh Leopard Tail Belt
13. Sea Cloaker leather cloak 
14. Salt Spider Web Ropes (50')
15. Gladiator Lizard Egg
16. Chess game carved from Behemoth ivory
17. A Ruby once belonging to a former Grandmaster Thief (They want it back) 
18. The Joke Book of Ynn, 2nd Ed. (Grimoire) 
19. Sharkskin gloves
20. An obsidian dagger, the pommel shaped like a bloated black widow
21. Silk Tapestry depicting the rack torture of Isaac of the Jug
22. A silver miniature of a rat
23. A mother-of-pearl cameo necklace depicting an inhumanly beautiful androgynous figure.
24. A bag brimming with teeth
25. A black jade signet ring
26. Ceramic vase depicting a famous gladiatorial battle
27. Wall scroll from the Eastern Lands 
28. The last blade forged by Gorex of Horborixen
29. The Mummified Hand of a God of Lankmar (Fake)
30. Bag of Closet Tree seeds
31. A black pyramid puzzle box 
32. Map of the Eight Cities (Wildly inaccurate)
33. Map of the Eight Cities(Incredibly accurate)
34. A caged bird of Tyaa
35. Skull of a Sea Serpent 
36. Air-Well Tops- Used by witches for deep sea diving
37. A flat green stone with deeply carved alien hieroglyphs 
38. A human figure carved of goose-fat soap, several silvered pins sticking from it
39. Slab of mingol bacon
40. A Minor Maintainer (See The Big Time)
41. An iron key that weighs as much as an anvil. 
42. A single star-gem
43. A vest with 77 secret pockets
44. Waterproof scroll case holding a map
45. Habit of a Black Nun
46. A sword reputed to be Greywand (There is of course no singular Greywand)
47. A dagger reputed to be Scalpel (There is of course no singular Scalpel)
48. A silk robe reputed to have come from the palace of the King of Kings
49. "Solid" Lankhmar Smog caught in a jar
50. An ivory and ebony chess set, sides carved to appear as merchants and thieves
51. A delicate golden mask, molded to appear as a full lipped female pock marked with rubies
52. A thick wooden mask, carved into a fierce snarling face
53. A diamond edged dagger 
54. Telescoping steel rod wit hooked end
55. Lockpicking set with specialty oils for quiet work.
56. A starchart, naming the stars such as Ashsha, Akul, and Astorian
57. A Translation Book of Lankhmarese to Old Ghoulish
58. A brass figurine of Mog
59. The taxidermy head of one of the Thirteen
60. Potion of Rat Size
61. The Deed to a Wheat Warehouse
62. Eight matching bastard swords with an oceanic theme
63. A browned-iron wire purse attached to a bracelet by a chain
64. A board game shaped like the city of Lankhmar
65. An arbalest strung with behemoth sinews 
66. A jeweled bronze hand mirror
67. A comb inlayed with mother of pearl and lapis lazuli 
68.A great helm with quetzal plumes
69. Fruit crafted from gems in a silver bowl
70. A porcelain teapot decorated with a pattern of storms 
71. A cornucopia filled with cast gold "wheat"
72. Shield polished to a mirror sheen, no amount of scratching will scuff it
73. A clay jar, broken and mended with veins of gold
74. A bottle of Mushroom Wine, the inside label is a map but will only be revealed after the bottle has been drunk
75. An ink quill, the feather veins made of silver filigree 
76. An complex clockwork arm cast in bronze
77. A gyroscopic compass that points straight up
78. A box that creates images. (A displaced Polaroid camera)
79. A music box, plays a bawdy tavern song in reverse 
80. The coat of arms of an extinct noble family
81. A intricate puzzlebox, rattles like something is within, rattle is actually a clever part of the box
82. A non-euclidean sculpture of...something. It hurts to look at for long.
83. A snowglobe of Lankhmar, the snow is actually ash.
84. An hour glass that counts down someone's life, the gold name plate is scuffed and incomprehensible 
85. A pound of invisible mass, actually a chunk of Newhon Ghoul flesh
86. A black box with strange knobs and buttons, beeps a pattern (a radio, beeps a player's name in morse)
87. A model of Stardock mountain, the tip is a brilliantly cut diamond 
88. A tinderbox that calls a phantom dog when struck
89. A compass that points towards the Death Pole
90. A glass jar with seven eyes preserved in brine
91. A porcelain mask with no features on it
92. A clockwork butterfly in a sealed glass terrarium 
93. An instrument that makes squealing noises before you can actually touch it (a theremin) 
94. A crown made of tin
95. Painting of "Boy with Apple"
96. A bone and lace Hand Fan, decorated with the scene of an execution 
97. A taxidermy rat the size of a dog
98. A large lapis lazuli bottle shaped like a mermaid, contains a virulent poison.
99. A palm sized replica of a throne carved from black salt.
100. A gold plated cockerel shaped codpiece