Thursday, May 2, 2019

GLOG Class: Gloop Friend!

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Collect them All! 

Parasites were the in thing with the GLOG last month so I'm taking a dive and seeing if I can't throw something together! This is something between LoZ slimes, Flubber, The Blob, Gloop/Gleep from the Herculoids, and more than a month of not doing anything for this blog!

Class: Gloop Friend!
Starting Equipment: 1 gallon mass, fishbowl 
Starting Skill: Jiggle

A: Gloop!, Friend Power!
B: Glop!, Green Yummy! +1 Friend Power!
C: Gloup!, Red Yummy! +
1 Friendliness
D: GLORP! Blue Yummy! +
1 Friendliness

Gloop!: You are Gloop! A friendly colonial organism that looks like a semi-transparent colored slime. Roll 1d8 (ROYGBIV🜚) to determine your color. Right now you take up two inventory spaces and can fit in a container the size of a fishbowl. You have no Attack, Defense, or Strength stat, but you are also unable to be harmed by non-magical weapons as your jelly body simply splatters and reforms. Fire deals damage as normal as do bite attacks for you are delicious. Your HP starts at CON instead of CON-4. Your Move is equal to the number of inventory slots you fill up to 12. You cannot talk, but you can jiggle meaningfully to get across general emotions.

Friend Power!: You are a Friend! And friends help other friends! Your friends can pour out a little bit of you and apply it to themselves to provide a variety of benefits. Any time a Friend Power! is used as an application on an alley, it uses up 1 inventory slot of your mass which removes that percentage of HP from your mass. You regain mass each day to your normal amount if you have Lunch and Rest the previous day. Roll on the Friendliness table once each [template] to determine your Friend Power! abilities

Friend Power!
Sticky! Apply to objects to glue them together! Apply to hands and feet to provide [template] bonus to climbing rolls.
Bouncy! Bounce at 20 Move in a direct line when thrown. Apply to feet to allow for a one off 20’ vertical leap.
Crafty! Can be molded into simple blunt tools, such as a hammer or lever.
Tasty! Red Yummy! Provides +1 additional healing.
Acidy! Can slowly dissolve through non-organic matter rate 1cu.ft./hr. You are also citrus flavored.
Grabby! You have pseudopods for hugging! You now have 1d6 Strength
Jiggly! You are especially jiggy. Apply to a shield to bounce one attack back at an opponent. You have an artificial/cough syrup grape flavor.
Lumpy! You congeal! When something strikes you, make an opposed Strength check to hold onto it.
Gassy! Squishing you makes funny/inappropriate noises. Fire damage causes an inventory slot worth of you to explode for [template]d6 damage in a 30’ radius.
Oily! Can slide under doors and through cracks, apply to friends to give a [template] bonus to maneuvering in narrow spaces. You are also now bacon flavored.
Stretchy! You can be stretched 5’ per inventory space. Chewing gum consistency.
Smelly! Your potent odor may dissuade or attract certain kinds of attention. You are also now cheese flavored.
Cutey! Creatures must make a morale check to attack you. You are now also especially sweet.
Boozey! You are mildly alcoholic, consuming you gives 1 Drink Point.
Cushy! You are so soft! You can muffle sounds and reduce fall damage by 1d6 and do anything a pillow can do. Kinda cakey when eaten.
Morphy! You can shape yourself into anything a 4 year old with modeling clay can make. Still just gloop. Tastes somewhat of salty.
Spicy! You exude heat and cause 1 fire damage per round exposed to bare skin. You are also now jalapeno flavored.
Chilly! You absorb heat and cause 1 cold damage per round exposed to bare skin. You are also now mint flavored.
Brainy! You’ve got some nerve cells in your gloop. Smart enough to talk and hold +1 additional MD per Green Yummy! Now takes half damage from weapons instead of no damage. You are now nebulously meat flavored.
Glowy! You glow in the dark with strength equal to your combined slots. You also now taste fizzy like Pop-Rocks.

Taste the Rainbow

Glop!: You now take up 4 inventory slots, but you can be split up and shared among multiple people. When all together your HP is CONx2, but if split up each lesser Gloop's HP is also split. i.e. 4 Lesser Gloops have 1/4 the HP of the original whole. Each Gloop is independent of the others, but combine memories/knowledge when they form back together. If a Gloop is killed, it takes the Original a week of consistent rations and rest to regenerate the lost HP and mass. 

Green Yummy!: If you are fed a potion or a scroll you can indefinitely store its magical potency until you release it by being drunk or applied to a Friend. You may hold [template] MD worth of scrolls and/or potions but each effect may only be 1 MD in power. 

Gloup!: You now take up 8 inventory slots, but you continue to be able to be split up and shared among multiple people. When all together your HP is CONx3 with the same additional abilities and drawbacks as Glop! 

Blue Chuchu by Lucas Pico

Red Yummy!: If you are fed an extra ration per day, you take up 2 additional inventories slots BUT you also become nutitionaly dense treat! A Friend may eat an Inventory slot worth of your mass as an action to heal instantly as though they had Lunch. This Friend cannot benefit from Lunch today. If a Friend eats a second Inventory slot worth of your mass they also do not benefit from their extended rest due to severe intestinal distress.

GLORP!: You now take up 16 inventory slots, but you continue to be able to be split up and shared among multiple people. When all together your HP is CONx4. If you are all together, you have a Move speed of 12, 15 if on a downwards incline. If in melee range you may make an attack role with your Movement versus the opponent's Dex. On success you envelope a human sized opponent in your warm suffocating embrace. You deal 1d6 damage per round to the enveloped opponent until you either consume them, they are scooped out, or they eat you. If you eat a wizard or an especially magical creature this way, gain HD/2 MD up to your max for Green Yummy! and a random spell from an appropriate spell list.

Blue Yummy!: If you have been fed the enough to have Red Yummy! active and have a Green Yummy! potion/scroll, a friend can consume a inventory slot of your mass you gain an MD and a single casting of a random spell you are storing as well as the effects of Red Yummy! If a Wizard goes over 4 MD via this ability, they must cast a spell on their next turn or immediately provoke a mishap as the spell-ferrets in their brain go ape.

Slime by Nick Rogers


Okay so its been a long while since I've posted. Between a new job, great but demanding, and significantly less mental space/time generally its been difficult for me to get anything to a complete state. I do think though that this was a fun little exercise, trying to put together a class that functions as a sort of communal lateral thinking resource. There are obvious uses for your Gloop Friend and there are less obvious uses. Hopefully this is the start of more material from me again.


  1. All hail FRIEND CHUCHU.


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    1. They make an excellent glaze and salad dressing too.